16th November 2021

Exhibitor Booking Form


(Please complete all sections)

We wish to accept your invitation to exhibit at The Historic Buildings, Parks & Gardens Event 2021 at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London on Tuesday 16 November 2021 and we would like to book:

Please accept this form as confirmation of our stand booking and invoice us for the 50% deposit + VAT which we will pay within 14 days of the date of the invoice. We also agree to pay the balance due plus VAT at the rate current at the time of invoice on the total amount on or before Friday 10 September 2021.

The stand price includes the following:

  • A shell scheme
  • One 13 amp socket, lighting, 2 chairs and a table
  • Two Exhibitor Lunch Vouchers and 4 Coffee Vouchers
  • Wireless internet access
  • 2 exhibitor lunches and 4 coffee vouchers
  • A quarter-page advertisement in the Exhibition Guide

Stand prices 2021

  • 5m x 2m £2,795 + VAT
  • 4m x 2m £2,570 + VAT
  • 3m x 2m £2,220 + VAT
  • 3m x 1m £1,520 + VAT
  • 2m x 2m £1,650 + VAT
  • 2m x 1m £1,250 + VAT