12th November 2024

Demonstration Opportunity

Find out more about our Demonstrations

Since 2019 when we introduced live practical demonstrations to the event, they have rapidly become an important part of the event proving very popular with visitors. For 2024 we can offer a limited number of exhibitors the opportunity to give a demonstration either from their stand or in one of the demonstration areas. These opportunities are for practical demos and we are keen to hear from any interested exhibitors who would like to host a demonstration.

Examples of demonstrations previously arranged are below:

  • Architectural Paint research and 3D scanning in a heritage context
  • Timber decay, dry rot and water ingress
  • Oil painting cleaning
  • Methods of packing and storing textiles and family heirlooms
  • A comprehensive guide to the care and repair of rug and carpet collections
  • How creating immersive light show walks in gardens or historic buildings act as a visitor attraction
  • Architectural Stone work on a stiff leaf capital
  • letter cutting in stone
  • Woodcarving & Gilding
  • How to light a painting
  • Using Roman waterproofing lime plaster
  • Combining fine art security, tracking and monitoring with visitor interaction using Bluetooth
  • The importance of monitoring cracks in buildings both external and internal on walls, floors and ceilings
  • Protecting heritage properties from insect attack and damage
  • Gauged Brickwork.
  • Cutting dovetail joints and assembling a cabinet draw.
  • Carving a Tudor rose in stone
  • Protecting historic statues and decorative stonework

We are very interested in holding practical live demonstrations at the event.

Click here to be contacted about giving a Demonstration at the Historic Building Parks and Gardens Event.